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Online Coaching

Since 2008, Charles Staley has been coaching clients “online” in addition to his work with local clients in Scottsdale, Arizona. This popular service allows Charles to provide comprehensive and affordable coaching to those who don’t live close enough for regular hands-on sessions.

Online coaching works exceptionally well for people who either need assurance that their training and nutritional approach is as optimal as possible, people who benefit from external accountability, and/or for those who wish to focus on the execution of their training rather than the actual design of it.

“Charles Staley is a genius and a very intuitive expert. He seems to notice and have a very simple, effective solution for things other experts can’t find their way to discovering. Training with Charles for 3 months is probably like 10 years with anyone else.” — John P.

Here’s an overview of how the program works:

After an initial phone or Skype interview, new clients receive a detailed training program (and also nutrition guidelines for those who request and/or who require it) through an easy-to-use online software platform that can be accessed either from a computer or smartphone. From this platform, clients enter their actual workout results which Charles carefully monitors, responding back with any relevant recommendations or feedback. Clients are also encouraged to send videos of specific exercise performances along the way.

“Working with Charles, I’ve gotten better results in the past 3 months than the past 3 years training by myself.” — Dan G.

Each month, clients receive an updated training program, based on their results from the previous month. (just to be clear, there are no minimum or maximum membership requirements — clients are welcome to stay as briefly or for as long as they like).

“My goal was to gain expertise in some basic lifts to improve strength while understanding the science behind it. Charles delivered and never tired of my many questions. Now, I am routinely approached in the gym by other lifters who compliment me on my form. I continue to make gains in strength with Charles’ coaching and am able to pass on what I’ve learned to others. He truly has a unique way of explaining concepts and possesses seemingly unending patience in doing do.” — Teri G.

In addition to this software platform, clients are encouraged to call, text, or e-mail anytime they might feel the need for additional guidance or information. Response times typically are typically anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, and always within 24 hours.
This coaching service is continuously evolving, and a few recent additions include a members-only discussion forum and product discounts from select nutrition and equipment companies.

“Charles has been more than enormously helpful in his online coaching. He has always been prompt with answering inquiries and clarifying any confusions I have had, and also has educated me so much on the physiology and science of fitness and lifting. He always makes time to ensure that I receive a thorough explanation and that I understand.” — Junko M.

How To Get Started:
Step One: A\Select A Membership And Payment Method:
•4 Week Membership: $199 USD
•12 Week Membership: $449 USD (149/Month)
•24 Week Membership: $749 USD (125/Month)

• Credit/Debit Card: Send your email address and Charles will invoice you.

• Zelle: This is a super-simple way to instantly transfer money between bank accounts, and you probably already have it! (Send to Charles Staley [email protected])

• Paypal: [email protected]

• Venmo: Username: @Charles-Staley-1 OR email: [email protected]

Step Two: Please fill out this short questionnaire. 

Step Three: Charles Will contact you to set up a welcome/interview call/Skype.