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Personal Training

Charles works with private clients on a limited basis on Scottsdale, Arizona. Although he specializes in “over-40” men and women, anyone with a sincere desire to learn and improve (and yes, even beginners with no experience whatsoever) are welcome.

The facility is a private, clean, friendly, spacious indoor/outdoor-style fully-equipped gym — occupied by only a handful of skilled coaches and their clients. Convenient parking, two full bathrooms (including shower), water and towel service.

Session Rates:

Single Session: $80

8 Session Bundle: $560 ($70/Session)

16 Session Bundle: $960 ($60/Session)

(2-Person Sessions also available — please ask for rates).

  • There is no minimum session frequency  — although most clients work with Charles 2-3 times a week, others come in once a week, and still others (usually folks who don’t live in the immediate area) come in once or twice a month.
  • Nutritional coaching included for clients who purchase bundles.

If you’re interested in training with Charles, and/or need more information, feel free to call/text Charles directly at 480-444-8747, or e-mail him at [email protected].

Credit/Debit Card: Send your email address and Charles will invoice you.

Zelle: This is a super-simple way to instantly transfer money between bank accounts, and you probably already have it! (Send to Charles Staley charle[email protected])

Venmo: Username: @Charles-Staley-1 OR email: [email protected]

Please fill out this short questionnaire to get started!

“At 54, I am leaner, fitter, and stronger than I have been in my entire life. I have reached my goal of best lifetime physical condition a full 10 months before my 55th birthday! My energy and enthusiasm for life is off the charts.  I cannot wait to see what will come next. If you are looking for a coach of great personal integrity, knowledge, and wisdom, Charles Staley will work with you to achieve your own personal bests. If it is results you are after, his programming is unbelievably effective for achieving fat loss, weight loss, and total body recomposition.” — Amy Lynne Mais

“Charles Staley is very very knowledgeable — I am following his philosophy of training and while I am early in the process my strength has increased, have lost a few pounds, am regaining stomach muscles I have not seen in a few years, and basically getting in better shape. For some reason my posture is improved and those old basketball injured knees are feeling better! It is never too late to start on the strength building journey!” — Brenda Forde

“A good friend who knows my commitment issues with dieting and various gym memberships over the years recommended that I try a personal trainer.  Lucky for me, I was introduced to Charles through a referral.  My fear of commitment is now over!  I have found weight resistance training and nutrition advice with Charles to be both transformational and fun.  His positive energy and enthusiasm is contagious.  He explains everything from both a physiological and psychological point of view, and is genuinely a nice guy.  After just 5 weeks I am stronger and healthier and I am down 15lbs.  Thank you Charles for starting me on this terrific journey building strength and power!”  — Anneke Covell

“In my pursuit of fitness, I pretty much learned as much as I could and trained myself. As a new lifter, I saw results pretty quickly, but kept tweaking this and that along the way. Soon my progress hit a plateau, so I started doing more and more in the gym thinking it would get me the results I was looking for. I thought I knew a lot at this point but I didn’t know enough and I felt like I kept hitting a brick wall with my progress. Then I stumbled across a post from Charles Staley on Instagram, and I messaged him asking him if he worked with ‘normal’ people. He said yes. And ever since that day I’ve made leaps and bounds in my strength, mobility and overall confidence with my lifts. Charles is extremely knowledgeable, open-minded, and supportive as a coach, and I have learned so much from him. I am forever grateful, because I honestly feel like he helped me make the perceived impossible, possible.” — Laura Capodieci